Penang Sub-District Sunday School Children’s Outing

Penang Sub-District Sunday School Children’s Outing themed, ‘Faithful to Christ‘ at the Taiping Zoo, Perak on Saturday, 17 March 2018. Sister Jothee Muniz reports:

“38 participants, facilitators and Sunday School children from Padang Serai, Penang, Parit Buntar and Taiping participated in the program. After the opening prayer and breakfast, the children were taken on a ride to view the animals and later some activities (games) were carried out at the zoo.

After a packed lunch which all enjoyed all gathered at the Taiping church to eat. A treat of ice cream followed.

After lunch, the children were taught 4 new Bahasa Indonesia hymns which the they thoroughly enjoyed! After that all were quizzed on the leaders of our church right from the Chief Apostle to the Priest.

Retired District Evangelist Soma gave a talk on history of our church. Evangelist Gabriel then explained on being Faithful to Christ, the theme of the outing.

Prizes were given to the teams that were successful in their activities. All others were awarded consolation prizes. The program ended at 4.30 pm with a closing prayer and light refreshment”

We pray for MH17
On board MH17 were also 4 members of the New Apostolic Church according to news on the websites of NAC Netherlands and NAC North Rhine-Westphalia.

The Chief Apostle comments in a message as follows:
"The misfortune hits me very hard! We have prayed yesterday evening for the victims in the circle of the Apostles here in Kigali / Rwanda, where I am currently visiting our faithful. My flight departed only minutes before the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 from Amsterdam. Maybe I have even met some of these people at the airport. I pray intensely for all the victims and their families and share the suffering of our brothers and sisters."

The New Apostolic Church Malaysia reaches out in thought and prayer to all mourning families. We join the international community to offer sympathy and condolences. May healing and forgiveness be brought about by the comfort of the Holy Spirit.

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